Air Conditioning Service Sacramento

Having your air conditioner system inspected at least once per year is valuable preventative maintenance that helps you save money on energy bills and can identify problems before they become major issues, thus saving you money on repairs.

Air Conditioner Service Sacramento, CA

Here are some, but not all of the areas Huft Home Services inspect for AC service in Sacramento and why:

  1. Inspect comfort levels of your home.
    -Addresses any comfort issues that you are having with your unit.
  2. Clean condenser coils.
    -Improves movement of air through the coil to cool more efficiently.
  3. Inspect Contactor for any pitting and burn marks.
    -Ensures proper voltage to the compressor and condenser fan motor.
  4. Tighten all connections, including wiring.
    -Reduces additional service calls for blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers due to heat from loose wires.
  5. Test all capacitors in your Air Conditioner unit.
    -Ensures proper starting of condenser fan motor and compressor.
  6. Inspect blower’s cleanliness.
    -Allows proper amounts of air into and out of unit.
  7. Inspect evaporator coil.
    -Prevents freeze ups and improves efficiency.
  8. Check Amp draw on condenser fan motor.
    -Reduces energy consumption and the cost of running the unit.
  9. Check Amp draw on compressor (run load).
    -Drawing too many Amps increases the cost to run the unit.
  10. Check amp draw on compressor (lock rotor).
    -High lock rotor Amps can melt your compressor windings.
  11. Oil all motor bearings if accessible.(newer units are completely sealed).
    -Keeps bearings from seizing.
  12. Check thermostat to make sure it’s working properly.
    -Leads to more efficient system use.
  13. Replace or wash air filter(customer supplies filters).
    -Ensures proper airflow into and out of unit.
  14. Check and inspect duct system for deterioration or disconnection.
    -Eliminates heat loss and heat gain on the ducts.
  15. Remove any debris from the A/C unit.
    -Prevents unit from rusting out.
  16. Inspect line-set insulation.
    -Keeps the suction line from condensing.
  17. Inspect for any air leaks.
    -Keeps conditioned air from escaping into attic.
  18. Test the blower capacitor in furnace.
    -Ensures that blower motor starts properly.
  19. Check the temperature split –indoor and outdoor differential.
    -Makes sure that system is cooling properly.
  20. Check low and high voltages.
    -Proper voltage helps the system work at peak performance.