Do you own a hybrid or electric vehicle in Elk Grove, CA such as a Tesla? If so, it’s worthwhile to consider installing an electric car charger on your property. It can be a hassle to look for a public charging station and not all of them are free. Instead, charge your vehicle overnight or over the weekend so that it is ready to go for the Monday morning commute.

Huft Home Services provides safe, experienced EV charging installation for customers throughout Elk Grove and the surrounding communities. Let our pros help you understand the different types of chargers available, and which one would work best for your home and vehicle. For example, you can hardwire a level 1 electric car charger into your home’s electrical system. These smaller units offer the plug-in capability for your car battery. However, they have very limited capability and only support 120 Volt batteries, giving you a limited range of up to five miles of charge per minute on average. With a standalone EV charging station of level two or Level 3 capability, you can use a 240 V plug. These level 2 and higher EV chargers provide a much faster charging experience!