The Huft Home Services Hero Creed

“Not All Days Will Bring Us Sunshine, So We Will Rejoice Also For The Rain”

The Huft Home Services Hero Creed embraces our mission in business and life. It establishes a philosophy and vision for that which heroes stand:

Comfort, Safety, Value, Integrity, and Transparency
  • Our mission is to help you make the most informed buying decision possible when it comes to servicing or replacing your heating and air conditioning system. We believe it is our obligation to help our customers with ways to evaluate and judge any respectable heating and air conditioning company. That’s why we teach our clientele 5 easy questions that will help them evaluate the integrity of any heating and air conditioning contractor (see below).
  • We always recommend to our clients that they subscribe to our industries recommendations which require at least one professionally conducted tune-up every year (2 per year is best practices).
  • Our service and maintenance procedures have been created and refined over the years to ensure your heating and air conditioning system performs at its best for the lifetime of the system
  • Our Huft Home Services Hero Creed compels us to be proactive because it’s less expensive to address issues early on than it is to suffer the expensive consequences of an ill-maintained system.
  • There is no debate about the benefits of servicing and maintaining your heating and air-conditioning system any more than there is debate on the value of the regularity of a doctor’s physical.
  • Equipment maintenance and service is simply common sense and to help our customers with value and affordability we have created our Huft Protection Plan because it substantially saves our clients’ money and the distress of malfunctioning equipment.
  • Our Huft Home Services Hero Creed mandates that we be objective advisors to our clients. That’s why we always offer multiple repair options and have become the market leader in providing FREE 2nd opinion advice. We never want our valued customers to believe that only one choice is available
5 quick questions that will reveal a heating and air conditioning company’s operating philosophy. Ask them and save!
  • “Why do you believe that Tune Up’s are essential?
  • “If I need heating repairs will I get repair options?
  • “Do I have to make a decision today to get a deal?”
  • “Will you provide me with an unbiased second opinion?”
  • “Would you warranty your workmanship beyond one year?”

The industry professionals at Huft Home Services always have your comfort and safety as our number-one focus.

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