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Huft is now offering a paid education program: Huft University! This program is available to people of high character, team players, and those that are mechanically inclined!!
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Major Benefits of Huft University:

  • Tool program (you will have every tool needed to complete any HVAC job or installation)
  • Uniform Laundry Service
  • Boot Reimbursement
  • Higher pay than industry standards
  • Best of all….NO STUDENT DEBT!!!
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Full HVAC classroom coursework

In the HVAC industry, training and continued education are very important. Training helps to create efficient and knowledgeable technicians that can provide more efficient, high-quality HVAC services. Hands-on training at Huft University will not only include training on basic HVAC services but also on split systems, mini-splits, heat pumps, package units, and water heaters.

At the end of school, you will be an EPA and NATE-certified HVAC technician and installer!!!

What is NATE-Certification

NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certification is vital to demonstrating excellence within the HVAC industry. Whereas certification is voluntary and not mandatory, certification helps to demonstrate a high level of skill set for HVAC technicians. NATE certification is awarded to a technician after they have passed a very detailed examination. This exam proves their knowledge of the field and that translates to credibility with the consumer.

Huft U Team

Testimonials About Huft University

What I have learned in Huft University I have learned about the refrigeration cycle, air distribution, indoor air quality and electrical. The instructor Bradley Martinez is a great instructor! I have learned a lot from him. In a years time I see myself as a lead with Huft Home Services running jobs.

– Andrew Keith
I am very thankful to Huft University for the opportunity to grow my knowledge in the HVAC industry. Huft University has given me the certifications I need to thrive in the business and build with them as a company and a family. I am excited to see what the future holds as Huft continues to flourish. GO HUFT UNIVERSITY!

– Elijah
Huft U has offered the chance of lifetime. I get to earn money and knowledge at the same time. I’m looking forward to growing and becoming the best HVAC technician possible with this amazing company.

– Jarred White
This class has taught me a lot about HVAC and I feel very confident about going out on the field to work on a customer house. I see myself being one of the lead installer or service techs with Huft sometime in the near future.

– Davanh Phothisane
Huft University is an amazing place. Huft U has taught me about the environment and to battle against climate change. Huft U is a program that pays their students and offers valuable skills in HVAC so each student has an opportunity to become EPA and NATE-Certified. Thanks to my amazing instructor Mr. Martinez, he pushed me to achieve new goals in my life. Thank you Huft U.

– Vicente Garcia
I have learned so much at Huft University. This is truly an opportunity of a lifetime. I see financial stability in my future from this job. The best part is that I got my EPA universal certification and working on my NATE. A big shout out to Carlos for showing me the way to this amazing company and Bradley for teaching the way. I give 10 out of 5-star rating!

– Viktor Kolisa

Huft Team