Do you have a tree in your yard? If so, then the roots of that tree may be growing into your sewer line. Tree roots can infiltrate and clog sewer lines over time, which may cause a backup in the home. Other signs that tree roots have infiltrated your sewer lines include slow drains and a gurgling toilet. You may also detect a foul smell coming from your drains. This could be caused by a clog that is preventing proper water flow.

Luckily, there is an easy way to detect and prevent these pesky tree roots from damaging your plumbing. In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can identify if trees are infiltrating your sewer line and how to prevent any future damage. Read on to find out more.

Identify the Sewer Line

The easiest way to detect if the roots of a tree have infiltrated your sewer line is by using a sewer camera to investigate the inside of your sewer.

Inspecting the sewer line with a sewer camera will give you peace of mind and let know if you have any problems. If the roots have infiltrated your sewer line, you’ll see roots growing inside the pipe in real-time, which will allow you to plan and prevent future damage.How to Detect and Prevent Tree Roots in Your Sewer Line

Sewer Camera Inspection

A regularly scheduled inspection with a sewer camera will go a long way in preventing future root infiltration. By inspecting your sewer line periodically, you can catch any infiltration early, which will help keep the roots from infiltrating your sewer later on.

Once you’ve identified a problem with your sewer line, the next step is to prevent any future damage. There are several ways to prevent roots from infiltrating your sewer line in the future.

Pipe Coating

If you have a cast-iron pipe, then there is a chance that the roots will infiltrate your lines. The best way to keep roots from growing inside your cast iron pipe is to coat it with polyurethane through electrofusion, which will prevent future root infiltration and protect against corrosion.

Coating your sewer lines with epoxy paint is an effective way to stop any further roots from growing. Pipe coating helps to seal the walls of the pipe and prevent future damage from roots.

Clean Out Access

If the tree roots have infiltrated your sewer line already, a good way to combat future infiltration is to clean out the access at least once a year. Removing any organic debris from the access will help keep roots from infiltrating in the future.

Tree Removal

The easiest way to prevent roots from infiltrating your sewer line in the future is to remove the tree. Prune and cut back any roots that infiltrate your sewer line to prevent future infiltration.

Install a Root Barrier

The most effective way of preventing tree roots from growing into your sewer line is by installing a root barrier around the perimeter of your home. A root barrier can block any roots from infiltrating your sewer line through physical or chemical means.

Chemical root barriers are injected into the soil surrounding your home. This chemical barrier will prevent roots from growing into the sewer line for up to five years, depending on what chemical is used.

If you want to make sure that tree roots never infiltrate your sewer lines again, you can install an exterior drain root barrier around the perimeter of your home. An external drain root barrier is made from a durable material designed to provide an effective deterrent for roots and insects so that they will never try to infiltrate your pipes again.

It’s important to note that root barriers are ineffective if they are installed too shallow or too deep in the ground. For this reason, it’s best to hire a professional to install them correctly.

Install Drain Repellents

Another quick and easy method is to install drain repellent chemicals in your sewer line. These chemicals are effective because they create an acidic environment, making the soil uninhabitable for tree roots. Drain or sewer repellents should be used as a preventative measure before an infestation occurs, rather than as a means of treating a sewer line that is already damaged.

If the sewer line is severely broken and irreparable, then you may need to replace your sewer line. Replacing your old, clogged-up pipes with new unclogged plastic piping will ensure proper drainage in the future. If you live in Sacramento, CA, and you need your sewer line replaced, be sure to reach out to Huft Home Services.

Prevent the Infiltration of Tree Roots

Once you have identified potential issues with your sewer, it’s time to prevent any future damage. Using a root-cutting saw is the best way to cut out the problem area and install new piping. Tree roots are often responsible for broken sewer lines, so it’s important to keep your sewer line clear of any organic debris that can attract tree roots. You can rent or buy root-cutting saws online or at most hardware stores.

Treating Tree Roots in Your Pipes

Once you have removed any nearby tree roots, it’s time to fix the current problem. To treat tree roots that have already infiltrated your sewer line, you will need to use an industrial-grade root killer product. These products are designed to kill any roots in your sewer lines and pipes so they can be safely removed without causing further damage.

Treating the sewer line with chemicals can be risky, which is why it’s best to hire a professional to apply the treatment. Once the treatment has been applied, you should cut down any nearby trees so they are at least 5 yards away from your home’s foundation wall.

If you are not an experienced DIYer, it’s best to hire a professional to remove any trees with roots growing near your sewer line. Hiring a professional to cut down the trees and clear out the root system is the only sure-fire way of preventing any potential future problems.

Inspect the Sewer Line Regularly

Last but not least, inspecting your sewer line every year is one of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent tree roots from infiltrating your plumbing in the future. Even if you have a root barrier or drain repellents, tree roots may still grow into your sewer line if regular inspections are not conducted.

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