Water softeners are a worthy investment to solve any problems caused by hard water in Folsom, CA. Hard water can be a torment when instead of helping you clean, it leaves a chalky residue on everything it comes in contact with. From bathroom tiles to the dishes as well as your plumbing, everything gets scaled up due to hard water, and energy bills are higher since hard water requires more energy to heat. At Huft Home Services, we install high-quality water softener systems that will help you get rid of all these problems once and for all. We have been proudly serving Folsom and surrounding areas since 2006 and our biggest priority is the satisfaction of our customers. We believe we have gotten to where we are today due to the trust of customers so we go to considerable lengths to make sure you are satisfied with our service. Our plumbers are NATE-certified and guaranteed to complete their work with diligence and attention to detail.