Remodeling a bathroom is a popular renovation project that provides numerous benefits for your home. Not only does it enhance the appearance and functionality of your bathroom, but it may significantly improve the value of your property. From updating outdated fixtures and improving water use efficiency to recreating a relaxing and comfortable space, remodeling your bathroom has a significant impact on your home’s overall comfort, functionality, and appeal to potential buyers.

Reasons to Consider Remodeling a Bathroom

There are many reasons that people choose to remodel a bathroom. If bathroom fixtures are outdated, you can switch out old faucets, showers, and toilets for a fresh, more inviting look.

Remodeling your bathroom also helps save money on utility bills. Old faucets and fixtures can leak, and even a small leak adds up to a high volume of wasted water over time. Water-efficient fixtures will save you money and are better for sustainability, not to mention add to an improved aesthetic in your new space.

Remodeling a small, outdated bathroom can add to its functionality and safety. Adding more closet and storage space, improving the layout to be more space efficient, and the addition of safety features can make your space more comfortable for young people and older adults alike.

Questions to Ask Before a Bathroom Remodel

If you are overwhelmed at the thought of remodeling your bathroom, think of it as an opportunity to improve your home and your life. There are a few questions that must be asked before getting started to ensure that your final product is what you want it to be.

Why Are You Remodeling Your Bathroom?

What is your motivation for your remodel? Is it outdated and not serving your needs as well as it should? Evaluating what no longer works for your bathroom space will allow you to figure out what is driving your reason for remodeling. This is a good first step to get your creative juices flowing.

What Do You Like About Your Existing Space?

Are there key features that you like about your current space that you want to take with you in your new creation? Whether it’s lighting, countertop height, or available vanity storage, include the things that are staying as you sketch your new bathroom layout.

Who Is Using the Space?

When it comes to designing a functional bathroom, consider who will primarily use the space. If it is a kid’s bathroom, for example, you’ll want lower countertops and easy-to-use fixtures that are durable and easy to clean. A bathroom in the home’s primary suite is an opportunity to express your elegant style choices, with color and fixtures that communicate opulence and luxury from the minute you step into the room.

Will It See High or Low Traffic?

High-traffic bathrooms may need more storage features, multiple sinks, and heavier-duty flooring to make your remodel worth the investment. A low-traffic room, however, may only need a sink and toilet upgrade to improve the space. Assessing the number of people who will likely trample through in a given day gives you an accurate picture of what is needed to make your space functional for all.

Shower, Tub, or Both?

Many people use showers rather than tubs for daily preening, but there is value in adding a soaking tub or whirlpool tub if space allows. For those that want the option of both, there are plenty of modern options for installing tub and shower combos that allow for daily showers and luxurious soaks. Decide what makes the most sense for your family and shop for fixtures that will fit your desires.

Do You Need More Space?

Is it in your budget to add space to your bathroom? This kind of renovation will involve knocking out walls, repiping, and patching drywall as you make room for additional fixtures and features. Make sure that the additional cost of renovation is something that you can handle and that your house is structurally capable of supporting any changes that may be needed to make your dream bathroom come true.

How Much Will It Cost?

Recent statistics put out by Haney Wood indicated that the average cost of a bathroom model ranges from $5000 to over $106,000 if your project includes taking on additional space. The cost that you pay for this kind of upgrade may be well worth the time and energy spent, whether you are enjoying the beautiful new space yourself or looking to gain some back on the resale of your home. Asking contractors for quotes ahead of time will give you a good idea of what you’ll be spending, as well as what to expect while construction is taking place.

Should You Move Fixtures?

If you don’t like the layout of your current bathroom, a remodel is the time to conceptualize your ideal bathroom and where you would like to place everything. What does your dream layout look like? What would you like to see as you walk in? Where do you envision yourself soaking in a luxurious bubble bath after a long, hard day at work? Don’t be afraid to sketch out a few ideas of different layouts to see where everything falls in the plan. Know that if you choose to move fixtures that already exist in your space, you will be adding plumbing and piping as well; this will come with an additional cost as you reroute water lines to new locations in your bathroom. If it’s in the budget, however, and you want to refresh your space with a whole new look, consider shaking up the design a bit.

What Color Palette Should You Choose?

When it comes to creating an inviting bathroom space, many cite color as one of the most significant and impactful choices that they make for their new look. Subtle, muted colors are calming and therapeutic for some, while others like bold pops of color and accents to make a refreshing statement. Consider your color in terms of who will be viewing it. Is this bathroom just for you and your family, or are you looking for resale appeal? Doing a bit of research on classic and hot trends will give you insight into colors that work for your new space.

How Long Will the Remodel Take?

This is a very important question to ask, especially if your home only has one bathroom. You may have to make alternate plans for using the restroom and showering during some stages of the project. Even if your home has multiple bathrooms, some time management may be necessary to take care of family members’ various needs during the morning rush to get to school or work. A contractor should be able to give you a reasonable estimate of how long your bathroom renovations will take so you can plan ahead.

Ready to Get Started?

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