If you own a Tesla, you know your car depends on being charged instead of filling it up with gas or diesel. You can use supercharger stations available to the public, which act like gas stations for EVs. You can charge your car while you are out shopping, getting a bite to eat, or just sitting in the vehicle waiting. However, a Tesla home charging station lets you do this in your own residence. There are many advantages to having a home charging station installed including convenience, quick charging, Wi-Fi charging, and more.


Estimates predict that more than 75% of EV drivers use home charging units to charge overnight. You might already be in the habit of charging your smartphone overnight, and a Tesla charging station can do the same thing. Setting it while you are not using the EV is the right time since it will be ready for you overnight. You will also save the time involved in heading to an EV charging station in terms of travel and waiting. That waiting can be twofold since you might have to first wait for a spot to open, and then again to do the actual charging.

Quick Charging

Many Tesla chargers give you 44 miles of EV driving range for each hour you let the charging happen. That could mean that overnight charging gives you hundreds of miles available. A driving range of that magnitude can mean using your EV for a road trip out of town, but it is also more than enough to cover daily commutes and errands for multiple days. That means fewer nights you must bother charging your car again. It also means more periodic total lifetime charges on your battery. If you forget to charge overnight, just an hour boost in the morning should give you enough miles to handle a quick trip out that you might need to make.


You have probably already noticed that driving your EV is often cheaper than operating a gas vehicle. That is certainly more true when gas prices go up. However, you can save money on charging at home instead of using public stations. Electricity is more expensive during the day when demand goes up, and public charging stations must include overhead and profit in their fees. If you use an at-home charging station, you have already paid for the installation and overhead of the facility. You only pay for your electricity; residential rates are usually cheaper at night.

Another thing that makes Tesla home charging stations more affordable is their competitive pricing. In many cases, you would think a brand-name item would be one of the more expensive options on the market. However, the Tesla Wall Connector is priced less than most competitive offerings. Of course, shopping around is still advisable to ensure you get the best deal, but do not be too shocked if you discover that Tesla brand wall chargers are a good bang for the buck.

Efficient Install

A professional can install Tesla Wall Connectors and many EV chargers within just a few hours. Most are compatible with the electrical systems already in many houses. In most cases, you will not need walls torn open to put in new wiring. The circuit breaker you are already using should be enough to power up your EV charging without serious renovations to your home.


With a Tesla EV charger in your house, much of the variability in driving any vehicle is diminished. You can plug it in and charge it when you see fit. You will not wait in line at a public station and obviously will not be subjected to constantly changing gas prices. A little math and knowledge of your home’s utility rates will let you figure out how much each charge will cost, and you will know your vehicle is ready for you at a particular time. If your charging station is inside of your property’s garage, you can pull in and out without having to deal with neighbors or inclement weather. Charging inside a closed garage also offers an extra security measure to ensure individuals passing by will not unplug the vehicle while it is charging, which can happen at a public charge station.

Internal Aesthetics

EV charging stations do not make home garages stunningly beautiful, but they are relatively easy on the eyes. Tesla’s third-generation wall connectors are smaller than previous generations. That means they do not occupy as much space on your walls, so you will still have plenty of room to store your belongings. Also, the display is a glass-over-white composition with a sleek technological vibe that is appropriate for something that charges your passenger vehicle.

Longer Battery Lifespan

Many public chargers are Level 3, which means they are not just fast chargers but also superchargers. They fill up your EV’s battery quickly, but research indicates that regular supercharging can degrade your car’s battery faster than it should. This does not mean you should avoid superchargers altogether, especially on a road trip. However, only using supercharging will reduce the charges your battery might take before you need to replace it. Not all EV batteries are even compatible with Level 3 charging. Level 1 or 2 charging at home might go slower, making your battery last longer. This is why many people charge their vehicles overnight.

Higher Property Value

The largest market of potential homebuyers is the Millennial generation, and many of them care about the environment. Finding a house with an EV charging station installed can be an attractive selling point to potential homebuyers already driving an electric vehicle. Even those who do not own an EV might find it easier to buy one if they get a home that can charge it. Depending on where you live, there might also be local, state, and federal incentives that make it cheaper to get a charging station for your house.


Third-generation Tesla Wall Connectors are intelligent chargers that have Wi-Fi capability. Whereas some earlier models required you to set manual switches, you can now control the charger using your smartphone from the comfort of being inside of your house instead of the garage. There are even automatic firmware updates.

At-Home Convenience Needs Professional Service

A Tesla charging station can mean many incredible benefits at home for your EV and daily lifestyle, letting you charge your vehicle safely and comfortably in your own residence. Let professionals handle your charging station’s installation and regular maintenance to keep it working optimally and safely.

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