With the rising global temperature, the air conditioners are under more pressure than ever. What happens as a result is the high cost of energy bills and the low life of AC units. However, with the right kind of maintenance, you would be able to overcome these challenges and increase the efficiency of your units.

Poorly maintained systems are not only bad for your AC but can also be harmful if inhaled. That being said, we have compiled a list of common mistakes that homeowners make according to providers of expert Air Conditioner Service Sacramento CA. So educate yourself and increase the life of your HVAC units.

Not changing AC filters periodically

According to experts, you should change your AC filter at least once every 3 months. However, if your AC is running all the time, then you must get it done at least once a month. Failing to do that will clog your air filter with dirt and debris that will not only put increased pressure on your AC and make it work harder but also spew contaminants that can seriously affect people with breathing disorders. Luckily, the replacement filters are really cheap and well within your budget, so there is no reason to overlook their replacement.

Not getting your AC serviced every year

If you think you can DIY your AC service by watching YouTube tutorials, then all these industries and professionals will become meaningless. However, they still continue to remain in business because DIY videos are not as simple as they look. In fact, if anything else, they can really damage your AC unit if the maintenance is not handled the right way. This is the reason you must hire a service provider who can provide you an annual maintenance contract at an affordable price. These professionals will always remember your upcoming service date, even if you forget.

Not getting your AC serviced every year can shave years off its life and increase your electricity bills significantly.

Not investing in a programmable thermostat

No matter how hands-on you are, there will be times when you forget to adjust the thermostat before you leave which means your AC will be running full power, even in your absence. On the other hand, a programmable thermostat will automatically reduce the temperature when you are away and cool your home just before your arrival so that you can come back to a comfortable house. Not to mention the money it will save you annually in reduced bills!

Not using the fans to their top capacity

Ceiling fans can keep the cool air circulating in the room, thereby putting less pressure on your AC to keep the room cool on its own. Just make sure that your fans run counter-clockwise in summer to increase the airflow.

Avoid these mistakes with your air conditioning unit if you want it to last you for years to come!

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