As a convenient, permanent solution for replacing smaller central air systems, window-mounted units, and portable AC systems, ductless air conditioning is an efficient and very customizable choice. At Huft Home Services, we love installing them because they help our customers in Marysville, CA create efficient, attractive, and targeted AC solutions. As a central air replacement, typical ductless mini-split systems supply individually controlled cooling from a heat pump unit outside, serving up to 4 rooms or areas. Unobtrusive AC outlets can be wall-mounted, floor-mounted, or installed above a suspended ceiling, and mini-split air conditioners blend in nicely with interior designs. Maintenance and repairs of split AC units is straightforward, and targeted use in home offices, in-law apartments, and similar spaces allows independent cooling.

Whether you live on Main Street, D street, by Ellis Lake, or anywhere else in this “Gateway to the Gold Fields” called Marysville, we’re ready to help with ductless air conditioning solutions.