Mini-splits are heating and cooling units that do not necessarily require the installation of ductwork. These systems feature an outdoor compressor connected to one or more indoor units. Here at Huft Home Services, we want you to know about your options so you can decide on a mini-split system that suits your needs in Sacramento or the surrounding area.

Single- and Multi-Zone Mini-Splits

One of the first things you must know is that all mini-splits fall into one of two categories. Single-zone mini-splits only cool a single room or zone. Multi-zone mini-splits heat or cool up to eight rooms with indoor units attached to a single outdoor compressor.

Types of Mini-Split Systems

There are four main options for mini-split systems, and each installs differently. Our expert technicians at Huft Home Services will help you select the right system for your heating and cooling requirements and install your new mini-split system precisely.

Ceiling Cassette Mini-Split Systems

Ceiling cassette mini-split systems feature a single outdoor condenser and an indoor ceiling-mounted unit. Many homeowners prefer ceiling cassette mini-split systems because the unit is less noticeable and does not detract from their interior design. These units offer a broader airflow base for improved air distribution over other mini-split systems.

We install ceiling cassettes on homes or businesses’ first and second floors. You have two options for ceiling cassettes. One blows out the air in two directions, and one is a square unit that blows in four directions. Both install recessed into the ceiling.

Our expert technicians cut a hole into the ceiling and build a framed box to support the new mini-split unit. We will then install the refrigerant lines and the outdoor compressor, minimizing any disruption to your home. Ceiling cassettes install quickly, usually within two to three hours, depending on the unit and your home.

Wall-Mount Mini-Split Systems

Wall-mount mini-split systems are the most popular among homeowners in Sacramento and the surrounding communities. We install these units high up on the wall, and they blow out treated air to circulate throughout your room.

These units are ideal for single rooms or zones and are the most affordable mini-split option. Multiple design options are available, including a unit hiding behind a picture frame, making it look like an ordinary work of art or photograph.

Like other mini-split systems, refrigerant lines will run through the wall to the outdoor condenser. We install these quickly, allowing you to begin feeling immediate comfort.

Concealed-Duct Mini-Split Systems

Although mini-split systems are often considered ductless, some options work with your ductwork. Concealed duct systems install in the ceiling where they can connect to your ductwork. Concealed duct systems are ideal for multiple or larger rooms requiring more airflow.

We install concealed duct mini-split systems recessed in the ceiling. They are practically hidden because of the flush design, and they blend in well. These systems install quickly as long as your existing ductwork is in sound shape.

Floor-Standing Mini-Split Systems

There are also floor-standing models for those who cannot mount them on ceilings or walls. These rest on the floor against a wall. One of the most significant advantages is that they are the easiest mini-split to install.

Our technicians will only need to create a three-inch hole in the wall behind the unit to run the refrigerant lines to the outdoor compressor. The floor-standing model must be free of any obstacles, including furniture. We recommend choosing a location in the room that will best facilitate the unit’s heating and cooling ability.

What Are the Advantages of Installing a Mini-Split System?

The United States Department of Energy encourages homeowners to consider mini-split systems because of their efficiency. These systems have a less harmful environmental impact because they do not use an ozone-depleting refrigerant.

Mini-splits also offer the following advantages:

  • Capacity for multiple indoor units
  • Separate control of each zone
  • Ductless configuration
  • Ease of installation
  • Small size

What to Expect From Mini-Split Installation

We will help you decide on the best system and the placement of your indoor units. We’ll answer your questions and provide transparency from the beginning. Our technicians will offer up-front information on what you can expect and what needs to be done to prepare your home for the mini-split installation.

Mini-split systems are a sound investment that will improve the value of your property and reduce your heating and cooling costs. Installation is not a job for homeowners and should be reserved for professional HVAC technicians with ample installation experience. You can expect the installation to take place over several hours. During that time, we may need to shut off your electricity occasionally, but we’ll do our utmost to inconvenience your family as little as possible.

We will need to have a solid area for mounting the outdoor unit. We prefer a concrete slab and will prepare the sight according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. We will install the outdoor compressor and then move inside to install the indoor units.

Our technicians will need to create an opening to allow for the placement of the refrigerant lines. Depending on your new mini-split system, this opening is usually only three inches in diameter. We will seal the opening after running the refrigerant lines through. The sealant keeps pests out and prevents the loss of heated or cooled air from your home

Our professional HVAC technicians will ensure your system is calibrated correctly and working safely and efficiently. We will perform multiple tests on your new heating and cooling equipment and instruct you on how to keep your new system working correctly.

We will treat your home as we would our own, and before leaving, we will work to clean up any messes we make. We’ll also be there throughout your system’s life, providing prompt repair services if they ever become necessary.

How Long Do Mini-Split Systems Last?

Mini-split systems last around 20 years but require proper maintenance. You should keep the filter and the unit clean and call us for regular maintenance to ensure no significant problems in operation develop.

Learn More About Mini-Split Systems Today

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