One way you can definitely enhance your family’s daily life is with water filtration in Folsom, CA that improves your water’s taste and usability. Water in our area tends to be hard water which isn’t optimal for bathing and washing, and it’s hard on your pipes and appliances. At Huft Home Services, we install water filtration systems that upgrade your water quality. You can drink from the tap like you do now from bottled water, and mineral stains and scale will disappear.

We’ve been providing plumbing services in the Folsom area for a long time. At Huft Home Services, we’ve seen what hard water can do to pipes and fixtures, especially water heaters. Our whole house water systems make great drinking water, while removing the minerals that cause damage throughout your home’s plumbing. Whether you choose advanced reverse osmosis filtration, activated carbon water filtration, or other solutions, you’ll have numerous benefits.