It doesn’t matter if you have a slow leak or water rushing out of a pipe; if you don’t have a skilled leak detection and repair crew in place, you might be dealing with a significant problem. Huft Home Services will trace the leak right to the source, carefully inspect and repair the damaged pipes. If you suspect a hidden leak, make sure all your taps are turned off. [company _name] in Oroville, CA, uses the most up-to-date leak detecting technology. Water leaks can erode your home’s structure, deform flooring and walls, and damage valuables.

An average household water leak wastes 10,000 gallons per year if not repaired. A damaged water main or water supply line to your home can flood and swamp your landscape. Allow Huft Home Services to assist you in quickly locating and repairing your water main. We will go to great lengths to find the source of your house leak.

Puddles on your lawn or water pooling in your meter box are sometimes dead giveaways. We use helium to pressurize your water pipe and an above-ground detector to detect gas leaking.