Huft Home Services is a leading sewer repair company in Lincoln, CA. We have worked on all kinds of systems and are able to complete trenchless sewer repairs after examining any issues via your sewer cleanout. There are many things that can impact your sewer and cause it to function poorly. For example, over time it can become blocked or clogged with debris or, in some instances, tree roots can make their way into your sewer and cause damage and blockages. Our team can help remove the build-up of debris in your sewer and restore your pipe flow to maximum capacity. After using your sewer cleanout to examine the issues within your sewer, we can advise you on the best possible solution. Sometimes that’s trenchless sewer repair. Our trenchless service is the perfect way of minimizing the damage and disruption that sewer repair can cause to your home. We make sure that your existing system can be built upon and that the work we complete will stand the test of time. Huft Home Services are your leading choice for sewer repair in Lincoln and the surrounding communities. Using a sewage ejector pump helps us ascertain the full picture and the best way in which we can resolve it.