Homeowners in Rancho Cordova, CA may not realize that sewer cleanout and sewer repair are closely associated with plumbing issues. Sewer lines connect homes to public sewer systems unless the home is located in the country where septic systems are needed. Sanitary sewer lines receive wastewater from sinks and toilets where the water is then sent to public water treatment plants. Storm sewer lines prevent rainwater from flooding roads and yards.

While repair and maintenance of storm sewer lines is the responsibility of local water departments, it is up to Rancho Cordova homeowners to repair and maintain their home’s sanitary sewer line.

For expert sewer line cleanout or sewer repair, Sacramento County residents have depended on the professional plumbers at Huft Home Services for nearly 20 years. Providing prompt, guaranteed service, our plumbers use only cutting-edge plumbing equipment to ensure a customer’s sewer line is optimally functioning after a repair or clean-out job.

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