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Trusted Water Softener Systems in Sacramento

The U.S. Geological Survey categorizes water in California as between hard and very hard. The concentrations can vary between 100 and 300 PPM. That means the water contains significant quantities of magnesium and calcium.

Hard water is generally not harmful to your health. But it can shorten the life of your equipment, increase utility bills, and make chores harder to complete.

Benefits of softening water:
  • Eliminate scum and mineral stains
  • Prevent damage to your heating appliances
  • Improve the taste of water
  • Cut down on water and energy consumption

When carrying out chores, you may notice that soap takes longer to lather. Instead, the soap forms scum which can stain your sinks and bathtub. High levels of hardness can make the water tasteless with a chalk-like mineral taste.

Even more significant is the effect it has on your appliances. It can leave layers of sediments on the heating element, making it inefficient. You will end up using consuming a lot of water to perform day-to-day jobs.

Typically, it is difficult to remove the hardness by boiling. You need a water softening solution tailored to your household needs. Reverse osmosis is the most common non-chemical means of removing minerals. The process involves pushing water through a semi-permeable membrane applying high pressure.

The softener could be a point-of-use or a whole-house system. Consult Huft Home Services in Sacramento for the best water softener solutions in Sacramento.

Best Water Softener Systems Plumbers

Our team has earned an NCI certification for delivering consistent results. Our plumbers are also well versed in building codes and the latest water softening technologies. We can handle a wide range of water softening equipment models and brands. Our team can work on projects of various sizes, from point-of-use systems to whole-house installations.

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Our consistent quality has also earned us an Angie’s List Super Service Award. We are committed to completing each task to your satisfaction. Our courteous and professional team will be glad to answer your queries and walk you through the options.

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