Water Heater Repair

If your Water Heater in the greater Sacramento Area needs repair, replacement or upgrading, the Huft Heroes are here to help. As a home owner it is important to keep your water heater running at a peak levels.  We are experts at getting your old water heater performing like new again.  Sometimes a broken water heater repair is achieved by fixing piping that has been damaged, sometimes it can be clogged equipment and other times it can be a simple water heater part replacement.  We can assure you that we will always try to fix your current water heater before recommending a new one which can be more expensive.  Whether you need a water heater part, service, cleaning, install or upgrading to a new tankless waterheater…we are always offering multiple repair options.

In the event that you decide to replace the old water heater instead of fixing it, we have two main options for you to pick from. The traditional water heater is tank-based and filled with water.  This option is a good option when your funds are low and need an immediate fix.  The second water heater option is called Tankless Water Heaters that provides FAST hot water and never runs cold.  This option is more expensive up-front but you will save in the long run with a reduced utility bill.