Has your heater been making strange noises? When you turn on the thermostat, does it fail to keep your whole house warm and cozy? It’s important to have confidence in your heating system. Regular heating maintenance is one way to keep your furnace running smoothly year-round. So, instead of worrying about the condition of your heating system, trust our experts to perform a tune-up or other maintenance before the chilly winter weather. Furnace maintenance may mean calibrating the thermostat or clearing out the condensation drain. Or, you might need a complete overhaul of your filtration system.

After a tune-up by the HVAC pros at Huft Home Services, your air blower will function properly and push air efficiently through your vents. Even though Wheatland, CA doesn’t receive any snow, winter lows of 38 degrees necessitate a partnership with a reliable HVAC company. We’d be happy to fill the slot!