How well we sleep and how we feel overall play important roles in how ready we are to tackle all of the demands of a typical day. Factors that you might not think of can potentially have a dramatic effect on how well you sleep and your mood, including your HVAC system and your indoor air quality (IAQ).

Let’s look at all of the ways in which your air conditioning unit and IAQ can affect these two aspects of your daily life.

1. Temperature

Extremes in temperature can make it difficult to get quality rest. A lack of good sleep from such temperatures can then put you in a bad mood throughout the day. Even if you are only in extreme temperatures during the daytime and not when you sleep, this can still make you very uncomfortable, fatigued, dizzy, and tense. All of these physical feelings can contribute to a poor mood and lack of productivity while also potentially having a negative impact on your health.

Properly regulating the temperature of your home with your air conditioner can help your mood as well as provide a better night’s sleep. The optimum temperature range for the best rest is often thought to be somewhere between 62 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are finding that your HVAC system is not maintaining the desired temperature, our technicians at Huft Home Services can help.

2. Humidity

Studies have shown that the level of humidity in your home can affect both your mood and your ability to sleep well. A high humidity level can cause you to feel lethargic. It can also affect the chemicals in your brain, which are a big determinant of your overall mood.

If you have too little humidity, you can wind up suffering from symptoms like itchy eyes, dry skin, and a sore throat. It can also wind up causing a respiratory infection. In turn, if the humidity level is too high, you can have congestion issues, an increase in sensitivity to allergens, and difficulty cooling your body down. In either scenario of too little or too much humidity, symptoms can arise that prevent you from getting a decent night’s sleep.

Air conditioning can help keep a healthy humidity level in your place of residence or office. This means better moods during the day and improved sleep at night. Upgrading to a smart air conditioning system goes even further by allowing you to automate the desired humidity level. A professional technician can do a test of your indoor air quality to determine if your humidity level is where it should be.

3. Pollutants

Common pollutants that can be present indoors include dead skin, mold, fungi, dust particles, and fur. Too much of these pollutants means compromised quality of your indoor air. This can make it difficult to breathe and hard to focus, and it can bring on symptoms like sneezing, coughing, wheezing, and allergic reactions. With these kinds of symptoms, it can also be very difficult to sleep.

Air conditioning can improve your IAQ by reducing pollutants and bringing filtered air into your home. An air conditioner cycles the air continuously, passing it through a filter, and then dispensing filtered air. This prevents the air from being too suffocating or stuffy. If you use HEPA filtration in your HVAC system, you can filter dirty air even better and block out many pollutants. Clean, filtered air helps your mood and improves your sleep. Have one of our technicians take a look at your HVAC system to ensure that the filters stay clean and that the system is working optimally to combat pollutants.

4. Staying Physically Active

We all know how important it is for long-term health to stay physically active. One effect of a lack of proper air conditioning and poor indoor air quality is that it can have an effect on your desire to be physically active. As discussed earlier, if it is too hot or cold in your indoor environment, you are more likely to feel lethargic. In such a state, you are typically going to be less willing to engage in any kind of fitness routine. Over time, this can have a negative impact on both your physical and mental health, your mood, and how well you are able to sleep.

5. A Noisy HVAC System

While your HVAC system will help with indoor air quality and temperature so that you are in a better mood and getting solid sleep, if the system is not maintained, it could get noisy. A noisy HVAC system could be intrusive enough on your sleep that you never fully feel rested. This can cause you to have a less-than-ideal mood throughout the day.

If your air conditioning unit is making a strange or excessive amount of noise, you should have it looked at by one of our expert technicians immediately. The noise could be for a number of reasons, some of them potentially dangerous. The noise from the unit might not only be preventing you from sleeping, but it could be due to a leak that could severely compromise your indoor air quality.

6. Strange Odors

If you are noticing strange odors in your home, it could be from pollutants in your air, mold or mildew developing from too much humidity, or a variety of other reasons. Many of the reasons for strange odors can be addressed by proper air conditioning and addressing your indoor air quality. Strange odors in your home can have a negative effect on your mood if you notice them all the time, and they can also keep you from sleeping. Having a professional address your air conditioning and indoor air quality will help eliminate odors in your home, improve your mood, and help you rest.

Huft Home Services for Better Moods and Improved Sleep

If you live in Elk Grove, Sacramento, or Yuba City, CA and want to know more about how your air conditioning and better IAQ can help your mood and sleep, look to the professionals at Huft Home Services. Even if you are in one of the surrounding counties, we would love to hear from you. Our team has been providing services to many of the counties in the area for the past two decades. Since the founding of Huft Home Services in Sacramento early in the 2000s, the Huft team has shown a unique dedication to serving the local community and making their homes as comfortable as can be.

While you may be simply looking at air conditioning and indoor air quality services right now, you should remember the Huft name for all that they can do for your home. We are not simply an HVAC company; we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for nearly all home service needs. We cover cooling, heating, plumbing, and electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance. That includes everything from heat pumps to ceiling fan lighting. Best of all, we provide all of these services while delivering a five-star experience to our clients and offering competitive and fair pricing. If you want to experience the Huft Home Services difference, give us a call today.

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